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Sorbo Cobra Flipper™ Complete

Sorbo Cobra Flipper™ Complete



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New for 2022!

Introducing the Sörbo Cobra Flipper™ Pad, an extraordinary clip-on washer pad that attaches directly to the Sorbo 3X4 Cobra squeegee channel. This flat applicator is made of Sörbo's well known Yellow Jacket Washer material, which absorbs a considerable amount of water. The 3 inch washer strip is attached by custom-designed clips and a bar made of rigid aircraft aluminum. A totally new concept, the Sörbo Cobra Flipper™ Pad makes the quickest squeegee NOW the quickest squeegee and washer system.

This is the complete Cobra Flipper™ with the pad, rod, and clips. The squeegee channel and handle are sold separately. Replacement pads are also available. See the related items below.

Available 14, 18, 22, and 24 inch.

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