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Pulex UniHandle

Pulex UniHandle



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The newest, most innovative squeegee handle!

The Pulex UniHandle is the newest and most innovative squeegee handle available. The patent-pending design is compatible with most standard squeegee channels and extension poles.

The pivoting system on the Pulex UniHandle offers two ranges of motion to adapt to any cleaning needs with ease. It pivots left and right with a free rotation (up to +/-180⁰) or limited rotation (up to +/-150⁰), and can lock into place in five different positions (0⁰, +/-45⁰, +/-90⁰). The angle to the window is also adjustable to several options depending on your needs (-20⁰, -5⁰, 10⁰, 25⁰, 40⁰, 55⁰, 70⁰).

The Pulex UniHandle is ergonomic, making it comfortable to use all day.

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