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Maykker Blue Scrub (Set of 4)

Maykker Blue Scrub (Set of 4)



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The Maykker Easy Scrub is a blue abrasive end scrubber with velcro on both sides for easy attachment. Use it with the Maykker Handy Sleeve or as a replacement for the Maykker Python Sleeve Complete.

Blue Scrub is ideal for removing stubborn bird muck, pollen, and insect marks from glass. It is also ideal for conservatory rooves, cladding, and UPVC cleaning. The benefits of using abrasive pads like the Blue Scrub is it will not scratch the glass, it cuts down the time spent on those stubborn marks The Easy Scrub is reusable and designed to produce and maintain a professional looking finish.

Please note: The Easy Scrub is not recommended for use on painted surfaces, steel frames, leaded windows, self cleaning glass, or glass with a special coating or film.

This is a set of four Blue Easy Scrub pads for the Handy Sleeve.

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