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IPC Eagle Ready Pure DI-only Pure Water System

IPC Eagle Ready Pure DI-only Pure Water System



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Simple Pure Water!

The IPC Eagle Ready Pure system is a DI-only system used to create Pure Water for your bucket, spray bottle, or waterpole.

This simple system includes a DI filter cartridge, a DI frame holder, wall mount screws, hoses with twist & lock fittings, and a magnetic TDS meter. Mount it on the wall in your shop to make Pure Water whenever you need it or in your vehicle to bring its filtering capabilities with you.

How do I know if this is the right Pure Water system for me?

The IPC Eagle Ready Pure is a low maintenance DI-only system. It might be the ideal choice for cleaners who need a system that can:

  • Filter LOW TDS (from 0 to 150)
  • Clean MEDIUM to HIGH HEIGHTS (0 to 45 feet)
  • Handle LOW USAGE (Occasionally to a couple times per week)

Is the IPC Eagle Ready Pure easy to use & maintain?

Yes! Because the Ready Pure is a DI-only system, it is very easy to use and maintain. The single filter is easy to change, maintenance is minimal, and there's no worries if you go weeks or months between using the Ready Pure to make Pure Water.

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