Gutter Getter Hand Scoop

Gutter Getter Hand Scoop



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Flexible Hand Scoop To Clean Out Gutters!

The Gutter Getter Hand Scoop is a handy scoop that easily fits inside of gutters to remove debris. This tool is hand-held and features a flexible body that conforms to the narrowest gutter with a form-fit for more efficient cleaning.

The Gutter Getter Hand Scoop is very versatile. It is marked for easy measurement. Get extras for other household tasks, such as:

  • Measuring pet food
  • Easing pet clean up
  • Scooping powdered laundry soap
  • Spreading rock salt
  • Adding pool chemicals


  • Flexible scoop conforms to gutter for quick cleaning
  • Extended tongue reaches under gutter supports
  • Narrow heel makes removal easier
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • High handle position protects hands from scrapes, scratches, and muck

Pair the Gutter Getter Hand Scoop with the Gutter Grabber Rake for easy, fast gutter cleaning.


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