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Gutter Grabber Rake with Acme Thread

Gutter Grabber Rake with Acme Thread



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Easily Break Up Gutter Debris!

The Gutter Grabber Rake is an innovative tool for cleaning gutters. It can be used by hand or with a pole as it securely screws onto any standard ACME thread. The tip of the tool is a pointed blade-shape, allowing you to dig into the corners of the gutter. The sides of the blade lay flat on the bottom and sides of the gutter for thorough cleaning.


  • Attaches to any ACME threaded pole
  • Sturdy polypropylene and ABS construction
  • Curved neck reaches over and under gutter hangers and overhanging shingles
  • Tip digs into the gutter corners while the flat side thoroughly clean the flat interior
  • Slender design lets you reach into even very narrow gutters
  • Hook allows you to hang the tool conveniently from the gutter while you change positions or to free up your hand to scoop out the debris
  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • Pair it with the Gutter Getter Hand Scoop!

The Gutter Grabber Rake will work with any of our aluminum extension poles with an ACME threaded tip, but for a real step up in your gutter cleaning game, try it with a Gardiner TRAD pole. These poles are lighter and more rigid than aluminum to save strain on you and your workers.

This handy tool allows for faster, easier gutter cleaning with less ladder moves. Just pull the debris toward you, then scoop it out.

Pair the Gutter Grabber Rake with the Gutter Getter Hand Scoop for easy, fast gutter cleaning.


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