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Gutter Cleaner with Acme Thread

Gutter Cleaner with Acme Thread



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Our most popular gutter tool!

The Gutter Cleaner is a black plastic gutter scoop that saves you time and makes you money! It is a great product for use on homes with steep roofs and hard to reach gutters. This tool can screw onto the end an extension pole for added ease of use or can be used by hand. It accepts standard ACME threaded pole tips for secure attachment.


  • Easy to use by hand.
  • Easy to use on an extension pole.
  • Rounded spoon shape to grab debris.
  • Holes in the spoon lower drag and weight by allowing water to flush away.

The Gutter Cleaner will work with any of our aluminum extension poles with an ACME threaded tip, but for a real step up in your gutter cleaning game, try it with a Gardiner TRAD pole. These poles are lighter and more rigid than aluminum to save strain on you and your workers.

The newer black design Gutter Cleaner offers a slightly more flexible plastic formulation than the original orange.


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