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Glass Gleam 4

Glass Gleam 4



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Glass Gleam 4 Window Cleaning Concentrate is ideal for cleaning windows with a squeegee. Contains polymeric water softeners for improved performance in hard water areas. Improved degreasers and detergents provide window cleaning power like you've never seen before. Glass Gleam 4 is ideal for use in a bucket or for sprayers and bottle dispensers. It is also excellent for automotive use in the windshield washer tank.

Glass Gleam 4 is biodegradable, USDA approved, and Earth Friendly Technology approved as a Green product. And because Glass Gleam 4 is super-concentrated, you don't pay for shipping water you can add on the job. This saves shipping cost, storage cost, packaging cost, and greatly reduces crew re-stocking time.

One gallon of Glass Gleam 4 concentrate makes 512 gallons of window cleaning solution.

Pick up a graduated dispenser bottle for help mixing Glass Gleam 4 consistently. An accurate mixture will provide you with cost savings and more effective solution.

WINTER WARNING: Detroit Sponge and our carriers (UPS or FedEx) are NOT responsible for liquids freezing in transit. Please keep this in mind when ordering liquids during the winter months, particularly in January.

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