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Gardiner Overspray System

Gardiner Overspray System



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The Gardiner Overspray System provides an additional rinsing option for either a brush or a pad holder on your Gardiner waterpole. It attaches to a Square Lock gooseneck and comes in three different styles:

  • Small with 1 fan jet
  • Large with 2 fan jets
  • Adjustable bar with 2 fan jets

Please note: The Gardiner Overspray System does not come with brush, gooseneck, or waterpole.

The Gardiner Overspray system works great with the Gardiner Vikan Easy Shine system for cleaning indoor windows. See the related items below, or check out the Indoor Window Cleaning category.

The small Overspray with 1 fan jet includes the Vikan adapter to attach the Vikan pad holder. Attach a Vikan microfiber pad to clean indoor windows with your Gardiner waterpole!

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