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Gardiner Green Cold or Hot Water Flexible Waterpole Hose

Gardiner Green Cold or Hot Water Flexible Waterpole Hose



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The Gardiner Green Cold or Hot Water Flexible Waterpole Hose is bright lime green and very flexible. It is made of polyurethane and tougher than PVC. It is suitable for cold or hot water (up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Suitable for cold water (0°C) or hot water systems up to 100˚C
  • Flexible Formula PU Hose - Flexible in the cold and tough enough for the heat
  • Resists kinking and looping whatever the temperature
  • UV resistant so will not degrade
  • Tougher than PVC hose
  • Not suitable for use on a hose reel

This hose has a 5mm inner diameter and a 8mm outer diameter.

Sold in 50 and 300 feet sections.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J Robinson

Great Hose holds up under heavy use!
I have used this tubing in freezing weather with no issues. Just a suggestion in cold weather take the pole inside into your customers home or business were it is warm somewhere water can drip out of the tubing and not on flooring that it could damage, do your interior work while the tubing warms and thaws then do your outside work. In freezing weather 35 degree range.
(I use the Gardiner Ultimate and it is Robust and works also well in cold climates)another word of caution when the water comes off of the glass be careful as water can freeze onto sidewalks etc. (Glass is typically warmer than surface temps. ) ( Also take into account windy days will limit what you can accomplish as the temps can drop below 35 degrees quickly and unpredictably.
I have used this method for many years Not a fan of it but it works well You have to use caution and know you and your equiment limits!
Hope this is useful.

Karl wagg

Great hose! I’ve been using it for 2 years and it’s still as good as new! Despite the abuse it’s taken. Highly recommend Gardiner hose and products.