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Gardiner Brush Jet Capsules

Gardiner Brush Jet Capsules



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Capsule models

The Gardiner Brush Jet Capsules are Gardiner's new style of jets for all of their brushes. These jets can only be used with brushes with the jet capsule moulded jet holes.

Five New & Easy to Identify Jet Types:

  • Red - 50° Fanjet - medium width fan spray pattern
  • Grey - 100° Fanjet -wide fan spray pattern
  • Blue - 1.4mm Pencil Jets - half flow rate jets (useful if using four jets on wider 35cm/45cm brushes)
  • Black - 2mm Pencil Jets - the standard jet for most professional use (and the jets that come standard in most Gardiner brushes)
  • Green - 3mm Pencil Jets - twice the standard flow rate for those with high water flow needs!


  • Can be fitted, removed, & swapped over in seconds
  • John Guest push-fit tube connections for reliable jet hose fitting
  • Flush fitting on bristle face, non-catch design
  • Lightweight construction, only 2g per jet
  • Colour-coded to allow for quick jet identification when fitted to the brush
  • 5 Jet Versions - 1.4mm, 2mm & 3mm Pencil Jets, 50° & 100° Fanjet
  • Can be fitted by hand or using the Gardiner Widget Multi-tool
  • Low profile when fitted to back of brush - prevents accidental damage


  • Allows for simplification of 'made brush' storage
  • Reduces the time taken & complexity of process for brush assembly
  • Colour coding to ease identification
  • Simplify warranty and issue resolution

The Gardiner Brush Jets Capsules are sold as a pair.

Consider a widget too! Saves the fingers and makes changing capsules a snap

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