Ettore EZ1 PRO+ DI-only System with Gold Aquaclean Waterpole Package

Ettore EZ1 PRO+ DI-only System with Gold Aquaclean Waterpole Package



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Ettore quality all the way!

The Ettore EZ1 PRO+ Ettore Pure Water DI System is available here with Ettore's popular gold Aquaclean waterpole! The rugged design and ease of use promise to hold up great in the field.

This is a complete package of both the DI-only system AND a waterpole. Just pick the length of waterpole that works best for your needs!

Why buy an Ettore package?

There are a lot of different brands of Pure Water systems and waterpoles available. So why should you buy an Ettore package?

Ettore was at the forefront of the Pure Water revolution of the 1990s with their groundbreaking Aquaclean systems and accessories. All of their knowledge, observations, and expertise have culminated into the new Ettore Gold Aquaclean waterpole. There’s no need to look any further than Ettore for your Pure Water cleaning needs.

Ettore EZ1 Pro+ DI-Only Pure Water System

The Ettore Aquaclean EZ1 Pro+ DI-only system is a single stage Pure Water system. This means it uses only DI resin to purify water for window cleaning. This makes the EZ1 Pro+ system low maintenance and easy to use. The DI resin is easy to change with the Ettore Fastbag™ system. Empty the spent DI resin, refill with charged DI resin, and you’re ready to keep cleaning.

Use any charged DI resin in the Ettore Fastbag™. The Fastbag™ holds ½ of a cubic foot of DI resin at a time. We sell it by the cubic foot. See the related items below.


  • Reusable Fastbag™ DI resin sack for easy self-change of DI resin
  • Use any loose, charged DI resin—no proprietary filters!
  • Super portable, lightweight, durable cart system with no-flat tires
  • Convenient quick connects for hoses
  • Stainless steel pressure housing with an aluminum lid
  • Built-in pressure release valve
  • Connections for TWO waterpoles!


  • System with built-in cart with no-flat tires
  • Cap with TDS meter, relief valve, and two hose connectors to run two waterpoles
  • Fastbag™ filled with charged DI resin

The waterpole and accessories are sold separately. Not sure what waterpole to add? Email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you build the perfect Pure Water package.

How Long Will The DI Resin Last?

The most effective flowrate for the Ettore Aquaclean EZ1 Pro+ DI-only system is 0.5gpm. At this rate, you can expect the following DI resin life in gallons depending on the given source TDS:

TDS Gallons
64 1519
128 753
192 509
256 376
320 304
384 251
448 218

Ettore Gold Aquaclean Waterpole

The Ettore Gold Aquaclean waterpole is designed to deliver a precise balance between rigidity and weight without sacrificing durability or strength. Each waterpole has an aluminum outer tube that provides added strength while protecting the expensive carbonfiber inner pole sections.

The new multi-function clamping system positively locks each section, preventing unintended waterpole collapse. The ergonomic design of the locking tabs minimizes fatigue, and they are engineered for long-lasting performance. Each clamp has a tapered bottom that eliminates pinch points and prevents the waterpole from catching on window sills and branches.

Replacement pole collars easily bolt on, no glue necessary.

As with all poles, extreme care must be taken while working with water near electricity. Be mindful of overhead power lines.


  • The new clamp design has positive locking tabs that won’t release unintentionally.
  • Each clamp has a tapered bottom to prevent snags, keep clamps separated, and prevent pinch points.
  • The clamp locks are not glued. So they can be easily replaced.
  • A durable endcap protects the end of the pole and features a side hose aperture that prevents kinks.


  • 14 inch hybrid dual trim brush
  • Adjustable gooseneck with Euro thread
  • 5/16 inch black, all-season waterpole hose

What Sizes Of The Ettore Gold Aquaclean Waterpole Are Available?

The waterpole sizes listed are the fully extended physical length. Working height can be estimated by adding another 5 feet. When considering what size waterpole to purchase, consider grade of the surface, height of the windows, distance from the building, and height of the operator.

Waterpole Collapsed Length Working Height Weight
18ft Alum/CF 54 inches 23 feet 2.43 pounds
25ft Alum/CF 67.5 inches 30 feet 3.69 pounds
35ft Alum/CF 72 inches 40 feet 6.42 pounds
45ft Alum/CF/HiMod 79 inches 50 feet 7.86 pounds
55ft Alum/CF/HiMod 91 inches 60 feet 8.97 pounds
65ft Alum/CF/HiMod 105 inches 70 feet 10.07 pounds

Replacement sections are available for the Ettore Aquaclean waterpoles by request. These are a special order item.

Ettore Part Nos. 84200, 7218, 7225, 7235, 7245, 7255, 7265

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