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35x8 Inch Mixed-bead DI Resin Tank

35x8 Inch Mixed-bead DI Resin Tank



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The simplest way to make Pure Water!

This is our 35x8 DI Resin Tank. It comes pre-filled with charged, mixed-bead DI resin. The average use time is about 35-40 hours on water with a TDS of 120 PPM. It comes with simple attachments on the head, an inlet for the tap water source and an outlet to your waterpole. Both the inlet and the outlet have an on/off valve.

This tank holds one cubic foot of DI resin.

The 35x8 is a popular size because of its larger capacity and longer life on the job. If you’d like a small tank, we also have an 18x8 DI Resin Tank. See the related items below.

How do I know if a DI Resin Tank is right for me?

Our DI resin tanks are a light-duty, low-maintenance option for making Pure Water. They might be the ideal choice for cleaners who need a system that can:

  • Filter LOW TDS (0 to 150)
  • Clean MEDIUM-HIGH heights (up to 50+ feet)
  • Handle LOW usage (occasionally to a couple times per week)

If you’re unsure about whether the DI Resin Tanks are the right option for you, email or call us and we can help you find the perfect Pure Water solution for your needs.

Why Doesn’t This DI Resin Tank Come Complete With A Waterpole?

The Pure Water system and waterpole both have a number of options to consider. That’s why we offer them separately. They’re also available in pre-made packages.

The DI Resin Tank will pair nicely with the Gardiner CLX 27 foot waterpole for residential cleaning. The Gardiner SLX 47 foot waterpole would be a good option for higher cleaning, like apartment buildings.

If you’d like assistance pairing together the perfect Pure Water system and waterpole for your needs, email us or give us a call. We’re happy to help!

Is A DI Resin Tank Easy To Use & Maintain?

Yes! A DI Resin Tank is easy to use and maintain.

There’s almost no maintenance needed for this system, and it will be fine during longer periods of disuse. Just drain out the water if you’re worried about a freeze, but it won’t harm the DI resin.

When the DI resin in the tank is used up (reading a TDS of 10 PPM or higher), it should be exchanged for new DI resin. We sell DI resin by the cubic foot. We suggest using a funnel to exchange the DI resin. See the related items below.

If you have any questions about how to best maintain your DI Resin Tank, email us or give us a call!

DI Resin tanks are NOT available for Overnight or 2-day delivery.

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