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Can Do Warm & Dry Winter Gloves

Can Do Warm & Dry Winter Gloves



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The quickest gloves ever!

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If you’re looking for the perfect pair of gloves for window cleaning (and more!), look no further than Can Do. These gloves are the “Quickest gloves ever!” according to window cleaner and inventory Paul Mahon. He designed these gloves as an improvement on what was available, specifically to make a window cleaner’s job easier.

How are these gloves so quick? You can easily fasten the gloves together with a strip of Velcro on both cuffs and free your hand quickly to:

  • Use your phone.
  • Work with small tools.
  • Perform delicate work.

Paul wanted a better pair of window cleaning gloves, and when he didn’t find them, he made them! Window cleaners far and wide agree that Can Do gloves are flexible, dexterous, waterproof, and durable—perfect for window cleaning!


  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty 3-times-dipped PVC-coating
  • Chemical, oil, and abrasion resistant
  • Good for gripping wet tools
  • Long gauntlet to keep out water
  • Thick acrylic liners to keep hands warm

Why Should You Choose The Can Do Warm & Dry Gloves?

The Can Do Warm & Dry have an innovative design created by a window cleaner. Both gloves have Velcro on the cuffs. This allows you to remove one glove by attaching the cuffs together. Then it’s easy to slip your hands in and out of the gloves.


A good pair of winter window cleaning gloves should first off be WARM and WATERPROOF. You also have to be able to work in them, so they should have good GRIP and be FLEXIBLE. Finally, you want your gloves to last, so they should be DURABLE. A good pair of winter window cleaning gloves get used every day and should last about a season.

How do the Can Do Warm & Dry gloves stack up?

Warm ✓✓✓
Waterproof ✓✓✓
Grip ✓✓✓
Flexible ✓✓
Durable ✓✓✓

Pros & Cons

Pros: Easy on and off without dropping your gloves.

Cons: Not as flexible as some other gloves.


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