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PMI Extreme Pro Rope Green

PMI Extreme Pro Rope Green



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The PMI Extreme Pro rope with UNICORE technology is a static rope that ensures nearly zero sheath slippage and allows the rope technician to pass a cut or torn sheath area safely. It is the ultimate polyester kernmantle rope.

Rope is Green with white and orange specs.

This is a 600 ft length of 7/16" diameter line

The UNICORE technology creates the ultimate bond between sheath and core. This bond ensures sheath slippage is nearly zero, even when the sheath is entirely cut circumferentially. Typically, when such sheath damage occurs, the sheath bunches below the damaged area, entrapping the technician either above or below the damage site. This rope allows the technician to pass either a cut or torn sheath area, whether descending or ascending since the sheath cannot bunch to create an impasse.


  • UNICORE technology
  • Nearly zero sheath slippage
  • Sheath: 100% polyester
  • Core: 100% nylon 6.6
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Easy to handle
  • Compliant: ANSI Z359.15, NFPA 1983:2017 (G)
  • Size: 7/16 inch (11mm)
  • Length: 600 feet (183 meters)
  • Color: Green/White/Orange
  • Other sizes, lengths, and colors are available upon request

Technical Characteristics

  • 100 g/m
  • 42.9 kN (9644 lbf)
  • Elongation:
    • 1.3% at 300 lbf
    • 3.0% at 600 lbf
    • 5.4% at 1000 lbf
    • 8.1% at 1800 lbf
    • 10% MBS 4.7%
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