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Unger Ninja Transformer Carbonfiber TRAD Pole (5 Foot) -- LIMITED DISC

Unger Ninja Transformer Carbonfiber TRAD Pole (5 Foot) -- LIMITED DISC



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Get your hands on this Limited Edition pole while it lasts!

The Unger Ninja Transformer Carbonfiber TRAD Pole features full carbonfiber section in a 2-section pole of 5 feet. It is compact, lightweight, and super smooth to operate and use. It’s sharp looking in the Ninja green and black. It comes with an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (NCAN0) with locking button that’s very versatile for attaching many different tools.

It’s great for when you just need a little bit of extra reach and will make a great addition to your toolbox.

This pole is usually only available in the Unger Limited Edition Ninja Transformer Box, but you can also get it by itself here.

How long is this pole?

The Unger Ninja Transformer Carbonfiber TRAD Pole has two sections. The size listed is the fully EXTENDED LENGTH. The collapsed length is just 37 inches. So this pole is easy to use and easy to store.

What Tools Fit Onto This Pole?

The Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (NCAN0) is the pole tip that comes on the end of the Ninja Transformer pole. It attaches in three different ways:

Friction Fit

The top of the pole tip is tapered. This allows you to attach tools (like most window cleaning tools) with a friction fit. Push the tool’s handle onto the pole tip and give it a twist while pushing it on. This will give a firm connection that stays in place and is easy to remove with a simple pull and twist.

Standard ACME Thread

Many dusters use this common, wide thread that’s on the very end of the pole tip.

Locking Button

The ErgoTec locking button works with some Unger tools. Tools with a lock icon them and with “ErgoTec” in the name will lock on. This includes all ErgoTec Ninja tools.

NOTE: The locking button on the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone is specific to Unger tools. For other brands, you’ll want to use the friction fit or ACME thread option, depending on the tool.

Are Replacement Parts Available For This Pole?

There are no replacement pieces for the Unger Ninja Transformer Carbonfiber TRAD Pole at this time.

Unger Part No. NBCF

Please Note: This item is LIMITED EDITION and is only available while in stock quantities last.

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