How to Remove Adhesive from Window Glass

How to Remove Adhesive from Window Glass

Adhesive residue on windows or the window frames can be a real eyesore, whether it’s from old stickers, tape, or glue. Fortunately, removing it is easier than you might think. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to safely restore your windows to their sparkling clean state. 

Helpful Materials You May Need: 

  1. Razor blade or glass safe scraper tool 
  2. Titan Oil-Flo
  3. Isopropyl alcohol 
  4. Water with your favorite window cleaning solution 
  5. Recycled surgical huck towel or your favorite microfiber cloth 
  6. Rubber gloves & N95 mask (both are optional) 

Step 1: Preparation 

Ensure your workspace is well-ventilated and put on your rubber gloves and N95 mask if you prefer. Gather all your materials and place them within easy reach.  

Step 2: Scrape Off Excess Adhesive

Using a glass safe razor blade, scraper tool and or a plastic scraper, gently and carefully scrape off any excess adhesive from the window. When using a razor blade, ALWAYS be sure to scrape in one direction, lift scraper off glass and use cloth or a sponge to remove debris from the blade and repeat. NEVER go back and forth with the scraper on the glass as this will increase the likelihood of leaving scratches on the window. ALWAYS be cautious when working with tempered glass as this tends to be more susceptible to scratching.  

(Link to scrapers:

Step 3: Apply Adhesive Removal Chemical such as Titan Oil Flo or Isopropyl Alcohol

You can apply your chemical directly to a damp cloth or your washer sleeve/scrubber, however, most contactors find it works best to apply your chemical of choice directly on a synthetic scrub pad such as: White Thick Synthetic Scrub Pads 4.5” X 10, White Thin Synthetic Scrub Pads 6” X 9, Walnut Pads 6” X 9”, Unger SpeedClean White Scrub Pad 4” X 8” Gently rub the adhesive residue, applying a bit of pressure. The Oil Flo or Isopropyl Alcohol will start to loosen/dissolve the adhesive making it much less strenuous for the remaining residue. 

(Link to Titan’s Oil Flo:

Step 4: Wipe Away Residue 

Once the adhesive has softened, use the abrasive pad or cloth to wipe away the residue. It should come off relatively easily. If there are stubborn spots, repeat the chemical application. If some adhesive/glue is still on the window, you will likely need to use a scraper to remove the balance. Remember: scrape in one direction, lift scraper off the glass and wipe the razor blade clean and then repeat. 

Step 5: Clean with Soapy Water 

Prepare your bucket with your favorite window cleaning solution and water. Use your scrubber/washing applicator to clean the window thoroughly. This will remove any remaining chemical residue. After you’ve squeegeed the glass, your customer will now enjoy that streak-free window.  

Step 6: Detail and Inspect 

Dry the edges with your favorite detailing towel. Check for any remaining adhesive. If necessary, repeat the chemical and cleaning process. 

(Link to our Towels:

Step 7: Enjoy Your Clean Window 

Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your window, step back and enjoy the crystal-clear view. Your window should be adhesive-free and looking new. Helpful Tip: WD40 can also be helpful removing sticky residue from vinyl/aluminum window frames. 

Removing adhesive/glue residue from windows is a necessary challenge that most window cleaners will need to do at some point. With a smidgeon of patience and the right combination of tools and chemicals, it can really make a tremendous difference in the cleaning process. You can now say goodbye to unsightly sticky residue and hello to a clear, unobstructed view! 

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