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Top Notch Professional Window Cleaning Tools & Supplies

Cleaning windows is not one of the easiest tasks. It is a huge task, but you can get your windows perfectly clean and with minimal hassles with the right window washing tools. At Detroit Sponge, there are so many top window cleaning supplies and multiple cleaning solutions designed to assist you with your windows, but it is important to find the right solution for your needs. At Detroit Sponge, we are pleased to present our professional window cleaning kit designed in-house. Inside this kit, you’ll find the best window washing tools for your business. Here’s our list of the Top Window Cleaning Tools:

Washers and T-Bars

Our washers and T- bars are perfectly designed for professional window cleaners to create sparkling and streak-free windows. These window washing tools remove grime and dirt from your windows. They also maximize productivity and safety during the window cleaning process. You can rest assured that our washers and T-bars will provide the best quality cleaning. 

Natural Sponges 

Natural sponges allow you to easily clean every tight corner. The sponges are perfect tools for scrubbing window frames, washing the edge of the glass, and wiping down your rubbers. Our most preferred option is the Natural Sea Sponge. Why? It can hold a ton of water and is great for wiping out tracks. Do you want to soap up some more water? You can reach for this natural sponge, and you’ll save a towel or two in the process. 

Towels and Chamois 

Towels and chamois are premium window washing tools for practical and wide use. They are perfect for cleaning and detailing your windows. High water absorption ensures their practicality in cleaning. Our towels and natural chamois are available in different colors and sizes to suit your needs. 


Materials used in construction and made by the bugs and birds can splatter onto the glass. Luckily, our scrapers effectively remove such debris that can cause problems due to their unsightly appearance. We have 60 scraper products, so you can rest assured to find one that suits your budget and window washing needs. 


This is one of the best window washing tools for removing water from your windows. The tools allow you to perform the window cleaning process faster and reduce the amount of cleaning products necessary for the task. Our window squeegees are sturdy and of the best quality in the market. Our team will help you choose a squeegee depending on the size of the window to ensure it can fit and clean well. 

About Detroit Sponge

Detroit Sponge is one of the most reputable businesses specializing in window cleaning supplies and window washing tools. The venture was established in 1938 and is always dedicated to serving professional window cleaners everywhere. For decades, our business has been dedicated to the natural sponge and natural chamois market. Our team is devoted to maintaining the ultimate professionalism and excellence in the industry. Great customer service is our priority and exceeding clients’ expectations gives value to our company. 

Would you like to know more about our products and services? Do not hesitate to click on our website or call toll-free at 800-535-6394 and talk to our staff.

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