Unger HydroPower® Ultra 1-Stage DI-only Pure Water System


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Improved features, improved benefits!

The Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only professional window cleaning system is the easiest and most efficient system on the market. It is the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces, leaving a spot-free finish.

The Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only professional window cleaning system sets the standard in deionizing technology for Pure Water cleaning.

Why buy an Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system?

Unger was founded over 50 years ago in Germany by Henry Unger, a professional window cleaner. Henry started designing cleaning products for professional use, and his company has grown to be an international market leader in the professional cleaning industry. Unger still works with Henry’s core values as their basis for business to design and provide products that make the cleaning experience cleaner, faster, and safer.

Unger offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee against any manufacturer defects, and here at Detroit Sponge we honor that guarantee. We’ll work with you to return or replace any item that doesn’t meet your highest expectations.

How do I know if this is the right Pure Water system for me?

The Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system is a light-duty, low-maintenance system. It might be the ideal choice for cleaners who need a system that can:

  • Filter LOW TDS (0 to 150)
  • Clean MEDIUM-HIGH heights (up to 50+ feet)
  • Handle LOW usage (occasionally to a couple times per week)

If you’re unsure about whether the Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only is the right system for you, email or call us and we can help you find the perfect Pure Water system for your needs.

Why doesn’t this system come complete with a waterpole?

The Pure Water system and waterpole both have a number of options to consider. That’s why we offer them separately. They’re also available in pre-made packages.

If you’re looking for a waterpole kit made to work with the HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system, check out the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K Waterpole Kit, 39 Foot, in the related items below.

If you’d like assistance pairing together the perfect Pure Water system and waterpole for your needs, email us or give us a call. We’re happy to help!

Is the HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system easy to use & maintain?

Yes! The Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system is very easy to use and maintain.

The DI resin bags are very easy to change. Just pull out the old one, drop in the new one, and make sure the bag is fully seated in the canister before putting on the lid.

There’s almost maintenance needed for this system, and it will be fine during longer periods of disuse. Just drain out the water if you’re worried about a freeze, but it won’t harm the DI resin.

If you have any questions about how to best maintain your Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only, email us or give us a call!

Can I just refill this system with loose DI resin?

The HydroPower® Ultra DI resin bags are specifically designed with the KeyLock system to ensure the proper installation and the best waterflow and DI resin life. The DI resin is a virgin resin for the high performance available.

It is not recommended to refill the bags or to use the system without the bags.

The HydroPower® Ultra 1-stage system holds one bag at a time. It should have a green KeyLock ring on the top and a red one on the bottom. You can purchase the replacement DI resin bags for the 1-stage system as either a single bag or a pack of three bags. See the related items below.

Be sure to get the bags for the 1-stage system.


  • Longest lasting DI-only Pure Water system with 30% more Pure Water output.
  • Cleans up to five stories safely from the ground with a local water source and no ladders!
  • Produces commercial grade zero TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Pure Water for site glass cleaning and other applications that utilize deionized water.
  • Exceeds standard DI filter efficiency, performance, workflow and comfort thanks to these features:
    • KeyLock Resin Bags feature that assists with proper resin installation.
    • FloWater Technology is an innovative water distribution system that ensures more efficient water flow through the entire vessel, improving resin efficiency and increasing its lifetime.
    • FastLock Opening for easy and quick opening and locking of the filter. Safe, self-locking mechanism features a pressure release valve.


  • Complete HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system canister with lid
  • Built-in TDS meter to show the reading of the water coming out of the system
  • All stainless steel fittings, including a practical on/off valve to prevent leakage during travel
  • One improved Ultra DI resin bag already installed
  • User’s manual

The waterpole and accessories are sold separately. Not sure what waterpole to add? Email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you build the perfect Pure Water package.

All of our Pure Water systems ship FREIGHT FREE to all continental USA commercial addresses!

Unger Part No. UHP01

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10/11/2020 7:59 am

Great unit and easy to use

by Chris -

I,m a homeowner not a pro. I found this one and I was able to do the two houses twice and it looks good. It took about three hours and I didn,t have to leave the ground (three stories in back). Next year I will buy 2 more bags of resin and for $160 I can do the 2 houses twice , spring and fall. (edited)

8/31/2021 9:48 pm

Worth it

by Dennis -

Works well on city and well water. Very durable with a small footprint

11/25/2022 1:49 pm

Best Product for Low TDS Water

by Gordon

The best product for low TDS water. Very easy to use. Easy to move around. Easy setup and tear down.