Heavy Duty Magic Eraser Sponges (One Dozen)

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Tackle stains other products can't with the Heavy Duty Magic Eraser Sponge!

This sponge is made of melamine foam and is an effective abrasive cleaner. When wet, the foam works like extremely fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned while being made of a material that feels soft and pliable to the touch.

Warning: It is recommended to test the Heavy Duty Magic Eraser Sponge on a small, preferably unnoticeable, portion of whatever you are cleaning before using it in a visible area. The Heavy Duty Magic Eraser Sponge may be too powerful for certain painted, polished, or easily scratched surfaces.

Size: 5x2.5x1 inches

Sold in a package of 1 dozen sponges.

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