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Meet your new go-to cleaning pole!

The Gardiner Red CLX TRAD Pole is a telescoping waterpole made of a 50/50 blend of carbonfiber and fiberglass. It features Gardiner’s patented Smart Clamps that are super easy to use and the hold sections in place without spinning. The insulated outer handle section is made of non-conductive fiberglass, suitable for resisting up to 15,000V.

The Gardiner Red CLX TRAD Pole is the same pole as the Gardiner CLX Waterpole, but without the Pure Water accessories. This is a barebones pole with no brush, gooseneck, hose, or fittings. Instead, it comes with a TRAD pole adapter and an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip to attach traditional tools easily.

Why buy a Gardiner TRAD pole?

There are a lot of different brands of extension pole available. So why should you buy a Gardiner TRAD pole?

Gardiner Pole Systems was founded in 2005 by window cleaners who wanted to make Pure Water cleaning more accessible and offer the best quality, best performing products at great prices. They’re a family run business with a worldwide reputation of excellent customer service and quality products. They’re the #1 waterpole brand in the UK, and they’re our #1 selling waterpole here in the US.

We’re confident in their longstanding brand, so much so we back it up with our Love it or Return it satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase a Gardiner TRAD pole or accessory and you don’t absolutely love it, contact us to return it for a full product refund.

Many of Gardiner’s products are innovative and unique in the Pure Water industry—like their square lock system and their quick-changing capsule-style brush jets.

Their popular waterpoles make a great TRAD pole for traditional cleaning.

Why is this TRAD pole so much more expensive than an aluminum pole??

Aluminum extension poles are great for short lengths, but they’re heavy and they’re only available up to about 30 feet. Now, compare that to a pole that’s more advanced, with carbonfiber technology.

You won’t believe how much lighter and more rigid the Gardiner Red CLX TRAD pole is compared to an aluminum extension pole. Just compare the 6-section CLX 27 foot that weighs less than 4 pounds to a 30 foot, 5-section aluminum pole coming in at 8 pounds! That’s more than twice as much! That’s a difference you’ll feel after working all day. The Gardiner Red CLX TRAD pole will also flex less, giving you more control and less fatigue from all of the extra movement.

That’s why our Gardiner poles are so popular for Pure Water cleaning AND traditional cleaning!

Which style of Gardiner TRAD pole should I choose?

There are two different styles of Gardiner TRAD poles, the CLX is just one of them. Which waterpole you choose will depend on your cleaning needs.

The most important considerations are HEIGHT and BUDGET.

The Gardiner Red CLX TRAD pole is available up to 32 feet. That’s 37 feet of working height. This will allow you to easily clean up to 3 stories, which should cover nearly all residential houses, even if they’re 2 story with a walk out basement or have dormers.

If you’re looking to clean higher than 32-37 feet, you should consider one of the Gardiner Onyx SLX TRAD poles. It’s made of lighter, more rigid materials, making it even easier on you and your workers.

The Gardiner CLX poles are the least expensive poles available from Gardiner, because they’re made of a mixture of carbonfiber and fiberglass. That makes them a great starter pole, so you can get your window cleaning business off the ground and possibly expand to more setups and higher windows later.

What sizes of the Gardiner CLX are available?

The TRAD pole sizes listed are the fully extended physical length. Working height can be estimated by adding another 5 feet.

  • The CLX 4 foot is 2-section and about 0.59 pounds.
  • The CLX 8 foot is 3-section and about 1.12 pounds.
  • The CLX 10 foot is 3-section and about 1.37 pounds.
  • The CLX 18 foot is 4-section and about 2.38 pounds.
  • The CLX 22 foot is 5-section and about 3.13 pounds.
  • The CLX 27 foot is 6-section and about 3.97 pounds.
  • The CLX 32 foot is 7-section and about 4.81 pounds.

Replacement sections are not available for the shorter TRAD poles (4, 8, and 10 foot).

Longer TRAD poles (18, 22, 27, and 32 foot) have 6 foot sections. We have replacement sections available for these poles.

What’s included with the Gardiner CLX?

The Gardiner Red CLX TRAD pole is the same pole as the Gardiner CLX Waterpole, but without the Pure Water accessories. This a barebones pole, with no brush, gooseneck, hose, or fittings. Instead, it comes with a TRAD pole adapter and an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip to attach traditional tools easily.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes! We have all of the replacement parts for your Gardiner TRAD pole. See the related items below, including the following:

  • Replacement pole sections
  • Replacement end caps
  • Replacement collars w/levers
  • Replacement levers only

Many of these items are listed on our website. Give us a call if you have trouble finding the replacement part you’re looking for.

Do you want to upgrade your Gardiner TRAD pole to a waterpole?

We have all of the accessories to make your Gardiner TRAD pole into a waterpole. You’ll need a brush, gooseneck, hose, and quick connect fittings. Email or call us for more details.

Or how about adding on gutter cleaning?

Have you tried using your Gardiner TRAD pole to clean gutters? We have add-on accessories for that too!

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9/10/2021 7:28 pm


by York Window Cleaning -

I bought a 22ft and it’s GREAT 🔥
It’s very sturdy and with the Unger tip it’s a tool waiting to take on jobs with no issues. I fully extended the pole and was pleasantly surprised by the rigidity of it. A nice trad pole is a MUST have in any window cleaners arsenal of tools so I HIGHLY recommend this pole. Also, it’s cheaper than the XERO and the quality is the same if not better than the Gardiner (I know… I have one lol). Another great thing about it is that you can easily turn this into a water fed pole and you cannot go wrong with that. Shout out to Detroit Sponge for the super fast shipping! 👍