Ettore Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber (Gross Pack)

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$325.00 to $921.91

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World famous Master squeegee rubber!

Ettore’s world famous, high quality squeegee rubber is the choice of professionals. Regular replacement of your squeegee rubbers is the best way to maintain flawless cleaning results, and replacing them with Ettore Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber will give you the best performance available.

  • #1 window squeegee rubber in the industry!
  • Every blade is hand inspected. So you can be assured every piece of rubber is perfect.
  • Each individual blade will give long life and precise cleaning for no streaks.
  • The Ettore Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber is available in a number of pre-cut lengths to fit all your squeegee sizes and needs.

The Ettore Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber is available here in gross (144) packs. These rubber will come in a handy storage box.

Available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 30, and 36 inch pre-cut sizes.

For smaller quantities, check out our Ettore Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber in dozen (12) packs.

Why choose Ettore Master rubber?

Because it’s same formula with the same rigorous standards as when Ettore Steccone created it in 1936!

Back then, window cleaners used the Chicago squeegee, a heavy steel squeegee with two rubber blades held together with 12 screws. Ettore Steccone came to the US from Italy and started cleaning windows, loving the freedom but hating the tool. He knew he could do better. So he invented the modern squeegee, with a single, precise rubber blade and a lighter handle made of brass. He called it “The New Deal,” and it quickly became popular with other window cleaners.

Ettore Steccone started out making his squeegees in his garage, and since then, Ettore Products has expanded into worldwide distribution, but they still use the same formula and it’s still a favorite among professional window cleaners. Ettore Products is still a family run company.

That kind of longevity and commitment is how you know it’s good.

What squeegees will the Ettore Master rubber fit?

Ettore’s Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber is round on the top. So it fits most brands of professional squeegees. It fits brass, stainless steel, and aluminum squeegees. It’s not compatible with Sorbo squeegees.

The Ettore Master Replacement Squeegee Rubber is square cut on the ends.

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1/11/2021 12:20 pm

Ettore Squeegee Rubbers

by RICK -

Our company has used Ettore squeegee rubbers for over 35 years. They have never disappointed.