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Winsol Awning Guard 690+ (Gallon)

Winsol Awning Guard 690+ (Gallon)



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Winsol Awning Guard 690+ is the perfect protectant for woven canvas/fabric outdoor awnings and fabrics!

Winsol Awning Guard 690+ is an incredible water and stain protectant for any type of woven outdoor fabric. It prevents the fabric or awning from leaking while protecting it from soils, moss, and mold

Winsol Awning Guard 690+ will not discolor or attract soiling on any application, nor will it void manufacturer warranties.


  • Safe for canvas/fabric awnings
  • Provides water and stain repllency
  • Adjust for the strength you need
  • Great for any time of outdoor woven canvas/fabric
  • Helps prevent leaks
  • Will not discolor or attract soiling
  • Makes it difficult for soils, moss, and mold to enter the fabric weave
  • Makes for easier awning maintenance

Use Winsol Awning Guard 690+ as a sealant for woven canvas/fabric awnings after using Winsol Deep Clean Awning Cleaner.

Available in a gallon jug.

Winsol Awning Guard 690+ CANNOT be shipped by Overnight or Two Day Service.

WINTER WARNING: Detroit Sponge and our carriers (UPS or FedEx) are NOT responsible for liquids freezing in transit. Please keep this in mind when ordering liquids during the winter months, particularly in January.

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