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Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee

Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee



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Engineered for streamline performance, even in the hottest weather!

The Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee allows you to  squeegee without worry of windows drying as you work, because this squeegee has a Glide Bar, a small microfiber strip under the rubber blade to ensure the window is always wetted as your squeegeeing.


  • Free-swiveling Pivot Control squeegee handle with limiting pins for full control of the pivot movement.
  • Unique hydrating Glide Bar to enhance lubrication and reduce drag when squeegeeing for a streak-free finish.
  • Includes precision detailing end clips.
  • Glide seamlessly across any window, even when the weather's hot and the hot is beating down.
  • Use this like a regular squeegee but with more reach, flexibility, and ease of use!

Available in 12 and 18 inch.

Includes a pair of Limiting Pins as shown in the picture.

Check out the Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee in action:

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