Unger RestroomRx Cleaning Cart ONLY

Unger RestroomRx Cleaning Cart ONLY



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A higher level of clean!

The RestroomRx cart system is the first restroom cleaning cart system designed by cleaning professionals to help them work safer, faster and better than ever before. Comprised of three parts, an innovative restroom cart, advanced floor care tools and best in class cleaning accessories, the RestroomRx cart system supports the entire process and improves productivity while delivering the highest level of clean.

The RestroomRx Cleaning Cart comes with tool clips and holders and a vinyl trash bag.

The RestroomRx Cleaning Cart is the heart of the RestroomRx cart system, and here's why:

  • Drip Tray: The base of the cart also acts as a drip tray, catching excess liquid so nothing ever drips on restroom or hallway floors.
  • Clip System: You'll quickly see the beauty of the system work when you discover that every tool in the system has a designed position on the cart. Tools are always where they need to be and always clipped on securely.
  • Storage Module: The effort it takes to return to a supply closet to restock supplies can waste more than time. With an expanded storage module, you'll substantially limit trips to the supply closet. Even eliminating one trip per shift increases productivity.
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