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Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit w/Offset Pole

Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit w/Offset Pole



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Start TRULY CLEANING with OmniClean today!

The Unger OmniClean system is the newest, most groundbreaking innovation in floor. OmniClean features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring the StayClean bucket is always clean. With advanced design features, the powerful scrub board removes dirt, grime, and germs from the microfiber mop pad. The horizontal wringer removes removing debris, leaving a clean mop pad!

You’ll never clean with dirty water again.

This kits includes the following items:

  • (1) OmniClean bucket assembly with caddy, casters, clean and dirty buckets with handles, and carriage handle
  • (1) Excella™ offset pole 5 foot, 2-section
  • (1) OmniClean mop pad holder
  • (2) OmniClean mop pad


  • Scrub board removes larger dirt particles from the microfiber mop pad
  • Built-in wringer agitates remaining dirt and grim
  • Dual bucket system isolates dirty water from clean charge bucket, providing a cons(more...)
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