Unger HiFlo nLite Natural Bristle Brush

Unger HiFlo nLite Natural Bristle Brush



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The HiFlo nLite system by Unger is challenging the design of Pure Water products used daily by window cleaners with their light weight, strength, and versatility.

The nLite brushes are designed to allow you to tackle any cleaning challenge with confidence. With the bristles spread out, water can freely flow to the glass surface. Additionally, the brush block is so light-weight that the nLite brushes can be made in widths of up to 24 inches for maximum coverage.

Another unique characteristic of the nLite brushes is the jet setup. You can use more than just two jets! Add a set of extra pencil, or mix-and-match pencil jets and fan jets. Multiple jets means more water where you want it and more versatility, especially when dealing with hydrophobic glass.

The Unger HiFlo nLite Natural Bristle Brush has natural bristles, great for extra scrubbing power on windows and surfaces, and a rectangular block for good flat surface contact.

Available in 11 and 16 inch.

The 16 inch natural bristle brush will accept up to 4 sets of jets!

Unger Part Nos. NLE27, NLE40

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