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Unger Aquadozer® Max Curved Floor Squeegee 36 Inch

Unger Aquadozer® Max Curved Floor Squeegee 36 Inch



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The Unger AquaDozer® Max floor squeegee moves up to 2x more water, mud, and debris compared to the competition. The unique, curved blade maximizes cleaning performance. The durable, steel body is perfect for tough demands, including flood clean up. The Unger AquaDozer® Max works best on smooth surfaces like asphalt and concrete floors.

The squeegee rubber and head are ONLY available as a complete unit.

This floor squeegee has a curved blade to better contain and move water with ease.

For best fit, use with the Pro Aluminum Handle with taper and ACME thread (AL14T).

There's also an ACME thread insert available separately. See the related items below.

Size: 36 inch

Unger Part No. FX90C

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