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Mini Bronze Wool Pad Holder 4 Inch

Mini Bronze Wool Pad Holder 4 Inch



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The Mini Bronze Wool Pad Holder uses ultra fine 0000 bronze wool to clean tough stains on glass without scratching. It will cut your cleaning time, and unlike steel wool, bronze wool won't rust.

The pad holder includes a long bolt to attach it to an angle adapter like the Gardiner adjustable gooseneck. So you can use it with your waterpole at the same time as your brush.

For best pad life, clean it with soapy water after use, so it is ready for your next job.

Once the bronze wool pad gets worn out, simply undo the wing nuts and attach a new one.

The Mini Pad Holder also accepts steel wool pads, walnut pads, or white plastic scrub pads.

Dimensions: 4 x 1.75 inches

Weight (wet): .25 pounds

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