Wagtail High Flyer

Wagtail High Flyer

The Wagtail High Flyer is a great tool for a rope-access window cleaner. The features of the High Flyer are listed below.

  • One hand will get the job done; the high flyer allows for an instant change between squeegee and scrubber
  • Roll and double pivot allows user to clean large windows while maintaining constant pressure on the window making for an effortlessly clean window.
  • The High Flyer has a shallow angle from window to squeegee which prevents the squeegee from curling over the edges; this allows the user to have defined clean edges.

We carry two sizes of the High Flyer: the 14 inch and the 18 inch.

Please note: Limiting pins are sold separately.

Product SKU Description Price Order
18 inch WT-HF18
Price: $68.25

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