Gardiner Carbonfiber Replacement Sections for 25, 30, 35, 39, 47 Foot SLX Waterpoles

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$119.00 to $170.00
$119.00 to $170.00

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If you have a Gardiner SLX Carbonfiber 25, 30, 35, 39, or 47 foot waterpole, these are the replacement or add-on sections. These are NOT replacement sections for Gardiner SLX Carbonfiber 18, 22, or 27 foot waterpoles because the lengths of the sections are different.

Each section features a colored overlap indicator, taped joint-stop, and a nylon Smart Clamp assembly already installed.

These replacement sections are 100% carbonfiber construction from the SLX line but will fit all versions of Gardiner poles. For example, a #2 SLX section would be the same diameter as a #2 Xtreme X3 section. Be aware the length of the replacement section may differ.

Carbonfiber sections are only recommended for use up to 60 feet.

The #10 section listed is an all carbonfiber modular section. This section tapers to allow multiple #10 modular sections to be fitted together. These sections are not meant to stay on the waterpole all the time, as they will not fully collapse. A maximum of three of these sections are recommended.

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