Heavy-weight Blue Recycled Huck Towels

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Soft, thick, and lint-free!

Our Heavy-weight Recycled Huck Towels are the window cleaner's choice and part of our line of most popular towels.  These heavy towels are an assortment of blue colors.

These are the proven choice for detailing windows and drying edges. They are a recycled cotton towel that provides long use and excellent absorption while leaving no lint behind. They're soft and won't scratch windows. These towels should last many more washings. They actually became more absorbent the more times they're washed!

Heavy-weight Light Blue Recycled Huck Towels are machine washable, but make sure not to wash them with fabric softener or in a machine that uses fabric softener. This will cause the towels to leave streaks. It's best to just wash them in hot water, with a little vinegar and your favorite laundry detergent.

Towels are sold individually or by weight. These towels average 5 to 6 pieces per pound because they're thicker and larger than the standard Blue Recycled Huck Towels. The exact number of towels may vary due to individual size and thickness.

Please be aware that the Heavy-weight Light Blue Recycled Huck Towels are a used towel reclaimed from use in hospitals. They've been washed and sanitized to make them ready for use by window cleaners. Because of this, Heavy-weight Light Blue Recycled Huck Towels tend to vary in size, thickness, and texture.

There are also Super Green, and NEW Blue Huck Towels available. The consistency will be different with each these other towels. So if the Heavy-weight Light Blue Recycled Huck Towels aren't meeting your needs, then give these other options a try.

Here at Detroit Sponge, we hand inspect all of the Heavy-weight Light Blue Recycled Huck Towels, so that you can be sure we are sending out the best towels available. 

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Don't settle for subpar Huck Towels. Expect the best towels that work how you want them to.

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5/20/2021 4:38 pm

Last for years and years

by Sean G.

These are the best towels I have used by far. Been doing this for years. Other hick towels start ripping and becoming paper thin after a couple of years of use. These are pretty thick but not too thick. I would say they are like two to three average huck towels put together. These have more texture and hold so much water. These will last a very long time.