Unger VisaVersa - Combination Washer and Squeegee in One!

Unger VisaVersa

The Unger VisaVersa is a handy, time-saving, two-in-one tool with an Unger Original StripWasher on one side and an Unger Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel on the other. The VisaVersa comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

This product comes as a complete unit with all you see in the picture - complete squeegee with rubber, washer t-bar with sleeve, and a combination handle.

Product SKU Description Price Order
10 Inch VisaVersa U-VP250
Price: $31.75
14 Inch VisaVersa U-VP350
Price: $35.50
18 Inch VisaVersa U-VP450
Price: $38.75

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